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   I am not like most Web Designers, I don't take my time causing your bill to go higher and higher for less work. I pride myself on the speed and effectiveness I have grown accustomed to.

   When I build websites I use unique templates specific to your site so when a duplicate page needs to be built it is done at a push of a button waiting for the new information to be added. What this also allows is the ability to easily rebuild your website if in the future you want to change the look to freshen things up.

   I also am not one of those guys who builds website that don't work in every browser or takes 5 minutes to load, you do know what happens when this problem occurs? Well it is simple, the person viewing it moves right on to the next website. I always check websites in multiple browsers and try not to use html coding that is too new that older browsers can't read it.

   Now the question of load time is a major concern, well not if I am the webmaster. I always create my graphics so they load fast and design pages so there is not as much for your modem to try to read. If you have to sit there for more then 20 seconds to see some information it is way to long.

   I use all of the latest programs and that allows me to keep ahead of the competition. I also have the knowledge and talent to hand code the website to pick up where the programs ability ends.

   Simple and effective design + Fast Loading + Knowledge and Experience = The Best website for your dollar

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More About Us - We are Canadian based being located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. We not only have clients in Canada but we also have completed website design work for clients in Europe, United States and Australia. We take pride in our work and like to do things perfect the first time around. If you are a Small to Medium sized business we are the perfect solution for you.